Householder Retreat 

REGISTRATION Ends October 2 (Led by Robert Brumet and Joseph McCormack)

Designed for people who want to do intensive meditation practice but cannot attend residential retreats, the Householder Retreat starts with an all­day retreat Sunday. After doing sitting, walking and eating meditation for a whole day, retreatants go home and challenge themselves to bring meditative awareness to interactions with family, friends, co­workers, strangers and difficult persons. Retreatants then meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for meditation practice, dharma talks and discussion. The week concludes with an all­day retreat on Saturday.

The goal for the Householder Retreat is to deepen practice by supporting continuity of mindfulness in ordinary daily life.
Register at Oct 2, 2016.


Insight Meditation Weekend Retreat (non-residential) Oct 13-15, 2016 (Thursday evening – Saturday evening) Unity Village Clubhouse, 1901 Blue Parkway, Unity Village, MO 64065 Led by Robert Brumet Robert will teach insight meditation and lead us in the practice during this very special time of quiet and peaceful self-awareness. Our program begins on Thursday evening, Oct 13th at 7 pm and concludes around 9 pm Saturday Oct 15th. It includes periods of sitting and walking meditation and yoga stretching. At times Robert will provide instructions, answer questions and be available for consultation. For more information and to mail in registration, please download the
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how do you find loveUPCOMING RETREAT: Mindful Communication (November 12 & 13) Theme: Diminish Your Enemy Images This is a unique mindfulness retreat.  Our time together includes sitting and walking meditations, heart practices, small group dialogue/relational practices, and teachings of Nonviolent Communication. Marshall Rosenberg coined the phrase Enemy Image.  We all have these images or resentments that have been built up over time.  Images of being hurt, betrayed, dis-respected, lack of care, etc.  This process allows for understanding and empathy to diminish how the mind is holding these memories and supports connection with self and understanding for the other.  Once we have this understanding, resolutions that we had not considered can come to mind.  As well, this process can support someone else that we want to help.
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Note: Registration is required. The registration form is in the brochure for mailing. Limited Space.


MONTHLY MEDITATION GROUP:  Engaging Mindfulness Meditation Group (First Saturday) This is a very unique meditation group.  We practice meditation, as well as mindful dialogue exercises.  This allows each of us to practice being mindful in meditation as well as in our everyday lives, especially when we are communicating with others. The group meets from 9:30 – 12:30 on the first Saturday of each month on grounds at Unity Village.  Feel free to join us.
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SPRING (May 18-21)
Meditation Retreat Theme: Forgiveness @Unity Village, Missouri


"Lori, I am deeply touched by your compassion for others." –2011, Marshall Rosenberg

Coaching with Rev. Lori has helped open and transform me. I have a new language, NVC to practice. I experience oneness and greater reconciliation of internal and external conflicts. Thank you!–2011, Annie Bumgarner, LUT

It is a real pleasure to work closely with Lori. I’m very impressed by how she continues to learn and grow while she teaches and helps others. In my mind she is in a category of her own. I often feel amazed at her dedication, commitment and initiative, as well as care and integrity. Lori is exactly the kind of person I want doing this work with me in the world. I feel deep gratitude for her presence. She is truly a treasure! –John Kinyon, Certified CNVC Trainer, Co-founder of the Bay NVC & Mediate Your Life, 

Lori is an outstanding facilitator with her presence, intuition, understanding, patience and perseverance. I experienced her high level of empathy and I appreciate her wisdom and experience, also her support.–Deidre Ashmore, 2009 Costa Rica Peace Summit Class Participant